Tuesday, May 28, 2013


When I was young I ate anything I wanted.  Childhood was marked by canned soup and soda, teen years by Spaghetti-Os and hotdogs, college years by nachos and pizza, 20s by bar food and beer.  And sugar and candy and more sugar and candy.  Chocolate always had a seat at the table.

Then kids came, and also my 30s.  My body said Whoa there, Cowgirl, ease up already.  Give me some air.  Or at least something nourishing.

These days I have to be very careful.  I can still eat all the crap that built the first part of my life, but I will pay.  My body is unforgiving, and never forgets a transgression.

I also have to be careful with what goes into my mind.  Horror movies, sensational news stories, mindless TV - these things rob me of ease of mind and spirit.  I dwell on morbid, dark details and find myself upset and withdrawn, sucked into the abyss of world evils.

My spirit starves and weakens.

Depending on what we consume physically, it can help or hinder our health.  The choices we make can come from the myriad of things the world has to offer, and taste delicious.  It is the same with our spirit; we choose what tastes good to us.  We might think we are doing the right thing by selecting good deeds, loving others, being successful in our work.  Life looks and feels great. 

Our world has so many options - it is overwhelming.  But when we fill our hearts and minds only with what the world has to offer, I'm afraid we will always be hungry.   The ingredients of our lives can seem fresh and healthful, but are they nourishing our souls?   Like I had to when my body started rebelling against junk food, it has become important for me to ask myself: Where were these good things prepared?

When I choose to be nourished by God instead of the world's offerings, I find that things taste better.  Life may not be easier, but my spirit strengthens.  What's more, I find that my decisions are easier, that the world's options don't overwhelm me as much.

This is not to say that I don't regress.  I still take the option of the world's junk food over God's, and pretty often, I have to say.  But I don't stick with it as long as I used to.  The world's offerings aren't as delicious as they were, and they make me sick sooner than they did before.

When I choose to be fueled by God's nourishment, through prayer or Bible study or just his perspective, it overflows into every aspect of my life.  Just like eating nourishing food leads to a better physcal state through extra energy, better sleep habits, and an overall positive outlook, so does God's nourishment lead to added perks like taking care of ourselves and each other better and having a more meaningful perspective on life.  And the best part is that it extends beyond this life.  We are promised eternity in a perfect world, just by accepting God's gift of his son.

And there is no food nor any choice on earth that can offer this, no matter how good it looks or tastes.
My food, said Jesus, is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. John 4:34 (NIV)


  1. Hmm...that's something to think about for sure. I have been focusing very closely on what I put into my body physically - and the bodies of my family (yes, Rotten Cats included) - for quite some time. To carefully choose other nourishment such as that for the soul, the mind, etc. is something I think most people don't consider as much as we should. But I think maybe the literal food choices have spilled over a bit - like you're talking about here. I can't watch scary movies and "crisis of the week" movies. I don't want to read books that do not have some positive purpose for my person - even if simply to entertain. I listen to music with more conscious thought about lyrics, and I pray (at least I hope I do) with more...don't know the word I'm looking for here. Something.

    Am I perfect? Pfffft. Hardly. But do I try to make wholesome, nourishing choices? Yeah. And that's the best I can do. Try.

    I was going to skip reading blogs today - decided to read only this one and glad I did! This was just what I needed right now.

    1. I feel honored that this was the blog you decided to read today!

      I think trying to make right choices is what we learn from our parents, and what we teach our children. Now that we are adults, we have to be so much more intentional. It's hard.

      And I guess with that, I should probably skip the Mint Milano cookies that are calling me.