Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More or Less

Our family is not particularly strong in outward faith.  We go to church and Bible study once in a while, say a quick “God is great” before dinner on the rare nights that we all sit down to eat together, but we don’t hand out pamphlets on the street or ask friends if they’ve found Jesus yet.

Sometimes I think that we could do more, say more, and be more for God.  We could take more opportunities to share his love and the gospel.

It’s so typical of a person in our society to think more is better for everything.  Gimme gimme.

After all, the more years we live, the more people we meet, the more opportunities we have to show God’s love to the world, right?

The reality is, sometimes more in one hand looks like less in another.  We give up favorite habits.  We meet others who don’t share our beliefs, and they cross us off their list.  Relationships suffer because we are on one path, and others are on another, and those people slip through our lives and we are left with one less friend.

Sometimes the scales tip within us.  We get to a point in our faith where we feel like we have to start over.  We’ve grown out of our beginning faith clothes so we put on another outfit that has more room for us to grow into.  It can be uncomfortable, lonely, painful.

Maybe we start a new Bible study.  Maybe we stop a bad habit that comes between us and God.  Maybe we make new friends.  Maybe we add a new activity to our lives.  Maybe we make a stand within a group of people who are sitting down. 

I help out with our church’s youth group.  My kids and I go every week.

To say it has changed us is a little dramatic, but it has.  Spend over two hours with thirty or so teenagers each week and you’ll say the same thing.

Before I started helping out in youth group I was sitting next to you, whispering about how terrifying teenagers are.

Our kids are in middle school, and they love youth group.  They want to go to church and see friends and do fun activities.  I knew they’d love it for those reasons.  What I didn’t expect was they also want to learn about Jesus, and how he can work in their lives.

They are learning about the importance of faith, and they are working out how to strengthen it while also realizing that other people aren’t interested in that.  The scales within them are tipping.

I hope they continue to want to learn about Jesus and strengthen their faith.  I pray that they stay on the path that God has for them.  I hope they do not waver when they meet someone who tells them that there is no God, that Jesus was just a guy, that the Bible was written by men and it has nothing to do with our lives.

I hope they realize that sometimes when we have more, it only looks like we are getting less.


Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness. Colossians 2:7


  1. This is so inspiring. I am in the same place right now - or pretty similar. I tend to always have the mindset that I need to DO more, but I think God is trying to get me to focus on just being. It hurts because I haven't yet seen him pulling me out of where I seem to be ineffective. It feels lonely here.

    1. Just being is hard. Sometimes I wonder what I'm waiting to learn. It is lonely in that place. xoxo