Tuesday, April 7, 2015

You Are Here

None of us will ever know in this lifetime exactly why God chose to reveal himself to us.  He has his own reasons, and we are not always supposed to know them.  We may have clues and we may figure out one or two of our purposes for being here, and we can try other purposes out until we die, but we will never know all the ways we fit into his plan. 

Throughout our lives we experience events that point to one logical explanation or another.  We become parents and have an epiphany – we are here to raise our children.  We find our passion serving others and our life becomes a model of grace and humility.  We have the revelation that we are here to teach others what God has revealed to our hearts, and our knowledge of the Bible expands.

Other reasons are more difficult to discern: maybe we are part of a long line of Christians, and we have a legacy to uphold.  Maybe we are a part of someone else’s salvation.  Maybe we were lost and it took a lifetime to be found, and that is the lesson.

I like to think up What If? scenarios.  What if God created me to do something that hasn’t happened yet?  What am I going to learn, ultimately?  What will others learn from me?  What box, in the card catalog of lives God made, do I fit into?  Surely not Patron Saints.  Or Martyrs.  Or even Great Christian Leaders.  I’m in that big box over there, the one overstuffed with Ordinary People Living Ordinary Lives.

Or what if there’s another reason for my life?  What if God made me for only one reason?

He loves me. 

He loves us.  It’s simple.  Almost too simple.

* * *

I have a hard time explaining why I am a mother.  I cannot clearly explain the reason why my husband and I made the decision to have kids.  Was it to express our love?  Sort of.  Was it the natural progression of our relationship?  Sure, I guess.  How about to extend our bloodline?  I can honestly say that this was not a reason.  We were married and we loved each other and we wanted kids.  That was it.

It’s not the best answer.  Yet somehow, it is the answer.

It sort of helps me understand why God decide to create us, and give us free will, and lead us to him.  For love.  He created us because he loves us.  He revealed himself to us because he loves us.  He gave me love, and I get that sometimes you do things because of it.

The beauty of our relationship with God is that we don’t have to figure out his motives – they are always from love.  When life is crazy and upside down and nothing makes sense, the simple truth that God loves me is a balm.  Knowing and trusting in his love is a freedom that I don’t have in other areas of my life.   God can be fully trusted, because he has a perfect plan, and he assures us that everything that happens turns out for good.  We don’t have all the answers, but God does.  I am here merely to be loved, and to love God in return.

And that’s all I need to know.



  1. He loves me! He really loves me! This truth never gets old for me!

  2. Beautiful. Faith, hope and love...what it's all about. Thank you for such a simple yet profound post.

    1. Life gets so complicated so easily - these simple things are what I cling to. Thanks, Jessa!

  3. Amen! He loves me and will guide me and stay with me through my troubles. I can't figure everything out but that is okay. I trust Him.

    1. Yes! I trust him. I don't know how I got through life any other way.

  4. Oh... such an insightful and thought provoking testimony to God's Love in our lives... it really is that simple, isn't it? And yet, I can't wait to find out more and more of why I'm here and what God's plan is for me in this world. It's exciting and inspiring to think of the 'what ifs'! Some of them, we will never know... so true.

    1. The figuring out part is what holds me back - funny, for others it's what propels them! Thanks, friend. xoxo