Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I’m all about comfort.

I like a state of ease and contentment, free from pain and worry. We are all like this. We seek the familiar, what makes us comfortable.

Comfort can be a dirty word in the Christian faith – “Get out of your comfort zone!” is a popular command. The idea that if we are comfortable all the time, we aren’t growing in Jesus is emphasized. If you’re all about comfort, you aren’t doing it right.

We can forget that in our zeal to live like Paul, to boldly enter into each day for God no matter the consequence, that God seeks to comfort us. He wants to assuage the hardships in our lives. Further, we are to embrace that which he gives us in every situation, even the comfort that eases our tension, and pass it along to others using our holy gifts of care, compassion, and love.

A full definition states that comfort is a strengthening aid, one that brings assistance and support, or consolation in time of trouble or worry. Solace. I hope to be that for someone – I seek it. God is a comfort to me in this way. I’d like to be this for others, if it’s possible. We are encouraged to do for others as God has done for us.

Comfort is also defined as a feeling of relief or encouragement. One of my main goals in life is to understand others. To relate and to share. Life on this earth is full of trial and worry; when we know others who either share our experiences or love us enough to weather the storms with us, we are comforted by their presence. We feel – dare I say – blessed by God, who gave us others who get us. We are encouraged by them to keep on keeping on. In turn, we encourage and promote others’ feelings of relief when we share our experiences with them.

The definition of comfort goes on: contented well-being. A satisfying or enjoyable experience. One that gives or brings comfort.

These are all things that God gives us. These are not bad things.

We can all swing the other way when it comes to comfort – we can ignore the needs of others because they don’t fit into the schedule for the day, for our lives. I’m certainly not promoting this level of comfort that cocoons us away from others. Although sometimes it’s tempting.

But when we look at what God does for us, we can’t help but want to do this for others, to share his glory and goodness and our faith – how did we get here? Look - I am just like you, scared and unsure and uncomfortable of my purpose here. But God shows me, and he will show you, too. It isn’t always easy and enjoyable, but I have learned to seek him during the hard times, and he has – impossibly – made them comfortable. He has comforted me in my grief, and he will do that for you.

Comfort is not a bad thing in this life, when seen from a godly perspective. We can use what God gave us to comfort others, building relationships and being a light for him. It might not always be comfortable to reach out, but when we know that we are being used by God to bring a feeling of ease and contentment to others? There’s not much better than that.

Dear God,
You have comforted my heart and my soul and my mind many times over.
I seek to pass this care onto others who come into my life.
Please give me the opportunities to share your comfort.
Thank you. Amen.



  1. Andrea, thank you for this today, especially the prayer. I struggle with this a lot, because, in comparison to many of my siblings, I have a very comfortable life. And I don't what to do with that. It seems no matter how deep I dig into my pocket or how high I roll up my sleeves to help them, I still battle with a big WHY? Why does it all seem so unfair, and why do they continue to struggle so much, and why doesn't anything I do to help seem to make much difference? Maybe, just maybe I've been more of a comfort to them than I feel I am. There's something about the prayer you've included here that touched me deeply. I'm just not sure why yet. Need to come to it after completing a few more tasks this morning. Thank you.

    1. Julie, I just now found this comment in my spam folder, and I am so glad I looked! Thank you for sharing this - sometimes we can't see past our own definitions of goodness to understand how God might be working in our lives. So glad this post touched you in a positive way. xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome. Thank you for being here. xo

  3. I think this is why I nap during the day sometimes. It's like getting a hug from God. Thank you for reminding me that comfort is good, and that we need it as much as we need to serve God and others.

    1. There is real healing power in naps, I'm convinced of it. :)